5 Things We Want to See Happen Now That Disney Bought Fox

There have been rumors (if not purely hopes and dreams) for years about Disney coming to some kind of agreement with Fox. Over the last few weeks it has become public knowledge that Disney has been in talks to purchase Fox. Or at least parts of it. Rejoice!! The deal is done and news like that is just the kind of thing that gets our geeked-out brains going into overdrive thinking about the possibilities. So here are 5 things we want to see happen now that Disney has purchased Marvel’s properties back from Fox.


  1. The X-Men come to the MCU
    • This is probably the most obvious so let’s just get it out of the way. We ALL want to see the X-Men make their way into the MCU but let’s not jump the gun. The X-Men need a reboot AFTER Avengers 4. NOT the original team either. We want the 92′ X-Men comic book teams. Blue AND Gold!
  2. Leave Deadpool Alone. For the most part
    • Of course Deadpool needs to crossover into the MCU and brings his 4th-wall breaking hi-jinks but his stand alone films should be left in Ryan Reynolds clearly capable hands. Disney simply needs to supply a sufficient budget.
  3. Usher in the Fantastic Four using the Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Respect us as an audience. We know who the Fantastic Four are. Give them a Spider-Man Homecoming like intro via an existing film franchise and leave it at that. Film rights to the FF are murky anyway (Fox doesn’t own them) and we don’t really need another stand alone film. Right? Right.
  4. Make Magneto Scarlet Witch’s Father (Again)
    • Look, for the comic book geeks like ourselves, this might be the most important piece of this entire deal. When the retcon that made Magneto the father of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff was undone in Uncanny Avengers #4 a couple of years ago, most of us felt it was done to align the comic books with the MCU versions of the characters. Marvel gaining the ability to even USE the word Mutant in it’s films means a re-retcon is in order and could even undo Quicksilvers’ death via the use of Wanda’s powers or maybe an Infinity stone.
  5. Hugh Jackman Cameo -Duh!
    • Yes, he’s retired from the character. Yes, he died in Logan (spoilers). However, Hugh Jackman has cemented himself as the Wolverine over the last 17 years. For most of us, a simple scene similar to the brief cameo in X-Men: First Class would suffice.


What do you want to see happen now that the Mutants are back at home?