Tabletop Tuesday – Mountains of Madness

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How many more games can they squeeze out of the Cthulhu Mythos? Lovecraft permeates everything, from plushes to silly card games to dark roleplaying games.

When Mountains of Madness came out, I wondered if this was just one more game to play once and then move on. Great or not, it would sit on my shelf next to Arkham Horror, The Stars Are Right, and Cthulhu Dice.

I can now say, with high confidence, this game will regularly be played.

Based on the novella, Mountains of Madness is a co-op game where your group is on a 1930’s expedition into mysterious ruins found in the mountains of Antarctica. Your team will explore deep into the frozen continent in their search for mythical artifacts and arcane knowledge.

Unfortunately, the further you travel, the harder your journey and the more likely you will lose precious supplies…

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Disney acquires major part of 21st Century Fox!! (Developing Story)

Rumors have been swirling around for weeks that Disney would purchase 21st Century Fox in one of biggest deals in entertainment history! According to, Disney will shell out $52.4 Billion in the deal which will include Film and TV studios but will not include Fox News Channel, FS1, FS2, and the Big Ten Network as they will roll over into a new company by shareholders. Comics fans still waiting on more information to see how some of the movie properties including X-men and Deadpool fall into the mix, stay tuned!  We’ll have more updates as they become available.

In the mean time, check out our article on what we want to see happen now that Disney has Fox.

Loading Snacks Vidcast Ep. 1

In this episode Gage & Sin cover what you missed in gaming & entertainment last week along with some highly opinionated discussion on Daredevil, Mortal Kombat X, Witcher 3, Neverwinter, Deus Ex, the 2015 Anime Guide & The Death of Deadpool!!