God of War on PS4 Gets a Release Date

We just got our first story trailer and release date for God of War for PlayStation 4. Releasing on April 20th of this year the game is shaping up to be the refresh that everyone wants. The trailer begins showing Kratos’ son giving rights for his deceased mother and proceeds to explain to us that the goal of the journey on which he and his father will embark is to take his mother’s ashes to the highest peak in the realm. This was his mothers’ last wish. The highest peak however, is in a different realm, placing the setting in Norse mythology.

Over the course of the just over 3 minute trailer we learn that Kratos has not shared the truth of his lineage and true power with his son but will absolutely have to as his sons’ own power begins to manifest.

The excitement is building for this title as it looks like will correct the franchises greatest weakness which is Kratos as interesting character that we as players actually care about. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. Are you excited for God of War? Will you preorder for the 3 exclusive shield skins?

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